Saturday, May 31, 2008


I am so incredibly fired up right now. My cousin Jackie turned 21 a few minutes ago. She actually shares her birthday with her best friend, and they decided to go out on the town in Pittsburgh. They reserved VIP service at a club called "Privilege Ultralounge" in the Strip District. I was there last year for Marina's bachelorette party and thought that it was a pretty nice place. Jackie was so excited that John and I were going to meet up with them to celebrate this milestone.

Earlier, John was inquiring about the dress code there. I assured him that as long as he looked put together (which he always does) that we should be fine. I distinctly remember that I wore jeans, a nice tank top, and flip flops last year, so I knew that it couldn't be that strict. So, I decided to wear a nice pair of white capris and a pretty tank top with (my staple) flip flops. I'm sorry, I wear them everywhere...I can't wear strappy things...I prefer to be comfortable rather than suffer and be fashionable.

So, we roll up to the entrance of this club and the bouncers inform me that I can not enter because of my flip flops! I couldn't believe it. They said that there is a liability if glass breaks and my toes get cut. Okay, that kinda makes sense. However, as we were standing there discussing this, a group of girls line up to go in. The one girl had on strappy sandals. More of her foot was exposed than mine. As they let her go in, I piped up and said "Hey - she has sandals on - why are you letting her in." They told me that those shoes were acceptable. Well, this made me totally livid! I couldn't understand the difference.

I told them that this is something that they need to advertise so that patrons know what to expect when they come here. They then referred to a sign that was at the bottom of the ramp. When I looked at this sign, there was no indication that sandals were prohibited. They don't allow athletic gear, baggy clothes, head gear, and work boots. Again, I got even angrier. The one girl working there said - "You can go to Walmart and buy a pair of shoes and come right back." PLEASE! She went on to say that it is against the law for any bar or club to allow people to wear flip flops. I knew that this was not true, and I am on a mission now.

I have been calling multiple clubs throughout the city, asking about dress codes, and specifically about flip flops and sandals. Not one said that they don't allow them. One indicated that they don't recommend them, but they wouldn't turn anyone away it they had them on. So, not only am I sending that club a nice little letter, I am writing a letter to the editor of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette!

My cousin is taking a picture of that sign for me. Also, I searched their entire website, and there is nothing about a dress code. Furthermore, if this is such big deal, they should inform people when they book parties there to tell their guests about such specifics.

What really kills me is that Jackie didn't officially turn 21 until midnight, and she has been there since before 10, drinking. So they wouldn't let me in, yet they knowingly allowed her to drink there illegally for 2 hours!

Oh, just wait...this bar messed with the wrong person!


Jill said...

That's completely outrageous. Link to your letter if you ever get it published.

pajama mom said...

oh my gosh! i would be livid. keep us posted.