Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Reunion Night

I was quite pleased with the updates from last night's episode of "The Bachelor: The Women Tell All" mainly because it did not solely comprise of the girls bashing each other all night long. They actually let us know what some Bachelor and Bachelorette alumni were up to these days.

Trista (the first Bachelorette) is the only one who actually got married to the person she chose on the show. Not only are they happily married (or so it seems), but they have a little boy, and now a little girl on the way. It's nice to see that the show can be successful.

Then they brought out Charlie and Sarah. Charlie is the brother of actor Jerry O'Connell, who is known for roles as the chubby kid in Stand By Me, or as Kush in Jerry McGuire. I knew that I had heard a while back that these two had broken up, which they did confirm last night. They were apart for about a year, but they rekindled their relationship and have been together again now for almost a year. I really liked them on the show...one of the few times when the Bachelor made the right choice (or at least by my standards).

Next, they revealed how the latest Bachelor and Bachelorette "rejects" spend their quality time together. It seems as though the ladies from the "London Calling" season and the boys from DeAnna's season like to have a lot of fun together....and many couples have formed as a result. Jesse is dating Holly (pictured). Amanda is dating Graham. And the best of all is that Noel and Fred are seriously a couple...the L-word and everything. She was my favorite during that season, so it's great to see that she found love with another Bachelor/Bachelorette reject.

Then the girls from this season came out. Nothing too great worth mentioning except for Natalie. That girl is in serious denial about what a high-maintenance, self-centered, and egotistical person that she is. Anyone agree? Oh - and how about Chris Harrison asking Jillian if she would consider being the next Bachelorette? For as much as I would love that...I think that I would prefer to see Stephanie get it instead.

Finally, the previews for next week seem to confirm the info that I shared in the last post...can't wait to see what happens!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Pathetic, I know...

If anyone follows my Bachelor posts, then you will appreciate this one. If not, then don't bother reading any further.

My friend Becca commented on my last post about some scoop pertaining to what all the dramatic hype is about. Well, I had some down-time at work today and looked at the site that she suggested to read. Here's the low-down (remember - this is all speculation!):

Jason picks Melissa in the last episode (next week).
ABC keeps the tape rolling as she calls her parents to tell them the news.
Melissa's parents are NOT HAPPY.
(You know all that footage that they keep showing of Jason looking all distraught over a balcony - well that is apparently his reaction to Melissa's parents' disapproval).

Skip ahead 6 weeks to early January as they tape "After the Final Rose."
This in itself is strange because they usually tape this around NOW, not then.
So, on this show - Jason does not re-propose to Melissa and actually breaks it off with her.

The speculation is that in the aftermath of "After the Final Rose" Jason hooks up with Molly.
All of the talk of him being engaged and happy is actually referring to Molly, not Melissa.

Because of all the confusion, they taped an "After the Final Rose 2" to clear all the rumors.
This was apparently taped within the past few weeks.

I don't know how accurate all of this crap is - but if it is true - then they are right in the fact that this will be the most dramatic finale EVER!

Still loving the trash....

Monday, February 16, 2009


I am sure that everyone is expecting my sorrow in the aftermath of Jillian's boot. I couldn't even wait until tomorrow to post about it. But I must say - after the soft-porn hot tub scene at the end of their date - I was quite surprised that he let her go. She was by far my favorite, and the only girl out of the three who didn't dwell on her insecurities of the situation. She really seemed to be invested in the time with Jason and only focused on that. BUMMER

Now with my favorite gone, I am totally rooting for Melissa. Molly just annoys me anymore. I just wonder about the whole lack-of-meeting-Melissa's-parents situation. I am afraid that may hurt her, but maybe not. Did anyone else notice how when Jason was making his toast at the end about having the girls meet Ty that he was looking at Melissa and Melissa only? Hmmmm...

So, now onto disappointment #2 - they totally pump-faked us with those previews last week. I was so sure that DeAnna was making her appearance tonight, but now we have to wait another 2 weeks - that sucks!

And what was up with those previews with all the drama? Every season - "it's the most dramatic thing that has happened yet in Bachelor history." Then it turns out to be a total dud. Although I am curious to see what the other rejected boys and girls are up to these days - that should be fun to watch.

Until next week....

Friday, February 13, 2009


We had a tremendous wind storm on Wednesday night. It was unusual for February (like I said in the prior post - the weather here is crazy!).

The wind woke us up continuously all night - that and my paranoia of the alarm not going off due to loss of electricity. Yes, the smart thing would have been to have a battery-operated back-up, but when I am that tired at night (and pregnancy stupidity has totally taken over) - I am not thinking logically.

So of course we lost our electricity at about 4:20am (well, at least that is when we realized it). No big deal really - showering and getting ready by flashlight isn't all that bad. By the time I got back home - still no electricity.

Again, like before, I worried about my food in the freezer and frig. So, I packed up the food and carted it over to my parents' house (who never lose their power it seems).

And just as fate would have it - the power returned about 3 hours after I took everything over to my parents' house. Last time, we didn't have power for 3 days and I didn't want to take any chances. Well, I would rather be safe than sorry. I just returned from bringing everything BACK home.

I think an investment in a SMALL generator might be worth it - just for the frig - I really don't care about the other things. With the economy these days - no one wants to take the chance to lose food that is already paid for.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Somebody explain this to me:

It's Pittsburgh.

It's Winter.

Last week, it was a high of about 10 degrees.

Today when I was driving home from work, my car read the outside temperature at 70 degrees.

Seriously, somebody explain this to me!
Just watch, we will have another snow storm next week...the weather here can be crazy!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Meet the Parents

Last night showed the "home-town" dates on "The Bachelor" where the 4 remaining girls took Jason home with them to meet their families and friends. I'll break it down by each girl:

Jillian - LOVE HER! She did finally let her guard down and told Jason the real reason why she puts up the strong front all the time. So in addition to her fun, carefree, and out-going personality, there is also a sensitive and compassion person - and I think that Jason was happy to see that. I loved it when Jason asked something like "Well, what do you want now?" And her answer was an enthusiastic "YOU!" He can't question her intentions anymore. Plus her family was great...I don't think that I ever saw a home-town date go so well in all the years that I have watched this crap!

Molly - Blah! Golfing at her country club - I am not into golfing AT ALL, so this didn't excite me. And what was up with her mom and the hats? I missed something there, I think. Can anyone enlighten me there? The longer she is on the show, the more her like-ability dwindles for me. I think that she is kinda stuck-up, but he seems to like her a whole lot.

Naomi - I can't say anything more than: entertaining! Holy crap! Her mom is a wack-job! And poor Jason was being so polite by going along with the funeral for the dead dove (yes, you read that right!), but the whole time he had a look on his face that blatantly read: "Are you f-ing kidding me?" Then her mom got into the whole reincarnation thing. And her dad with the "Jesus is the Lord" thing. Now, don't get me wrong, I am Catholic and very dedicated to my religion. But what they haven't brought up on the show yet (and I heard this at work) is that Jason is Jewish! So pushing the "Jesus is Lord" issue would be a little over-the-top for a Jew probably. The whole visit was CRAZY!

Melissa - Poor Melissa. Her parents and brother backed out of meeting Jason because they didn't want to be put on display for the whole country to see, pretty much. According to Melissa, they are very private people, and I respect that, but I really felt for her. This may be something that could hurt her in the end. I mean - look at the way Jillian's family was with Jason - there would be no question whether or not an engagement between them would be accepted. However, that confidence isn't there with Melissa, because she didn't have the opportunity to introduce Jason to her family. I kept hoping that they would show up at her friends' house eventually. Bummer for her.

So, Naomi was the one booted this week...could it have something to do with her crazy family? I wonder...

And - NEW ZEALAND?!?!?! That is a bold trip for this show. They typically go to the Bahamas, Aruba, or Mexico (usually within this hemisphere). That should make for an amazing trip!

FINALLY - DeAnna makes her return in New Zealand. I am sticking with my prediction from earlier this season - I think that they edited some of her statements to make it seem like she wants another chance with Jason. I predict that she shows up to help him with his decision.

Can't wait for next week!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Graceful Exit

You can't call it anything else. It sucks that Stephanie was the one who didn't receive a rose last night. But - what class! She is a truly genuine person, and what Jason said to and about her in front of the other 4 girls was so nice. I think that all of the girls were sad to see her go as well. But like I have been saying all along - the romantic chemistry just wasn't there - he said it and she even admitted it too. I can't remember a booted girl who left so graciously.

It's funny to see these final 5 girls interact with each other, because I think that they are all enjoying the time that they spend together (especially by their reaction to Stephanie's departure). I have watched almost every season of this trash and never have I seen the girls get along so well at this point or be so sad to see one of their competitors leave.

My prediction - Stephanie will be the next Bachelorette. I think that ABC is going to get an influx of viewers' input about what a great person she it, what a loss she has suffered, how strong she is to do something so bold in the aftermath of that loss, and the fact that she definitely does deserve a happy ending. Time will tell...

Other than that - the episode didn't excite me so much. I was a little worried about Jillian's status on the show, but it seems like Jason is into her - hopefully she will open up a little more in Canada.

My favorite part of last night episode was the extra footage which was aired while the credits were running - when Jillian and Naomi were slurping their spaghetti. I think it was then that I realized why I like Jillian the best - she's just like me - right down to the classy burp that she let loose. Hilarious!

I still want to know when DeAnna comes back...it can't be for another 2 weeks because next week is the hometown dates. Darn it!
P.S. I know the spoiler - but I am not convinced until the end of the last show!

Monday, February 2, 2009


Oh yes - that is the new name for Pittsburgh. Now that the Steelers have won the historical 6th Lombardi Trophy are Six-burgh. Gotta love it!

Above is the well-deserved MVP (Santonio Holmes) smooching the trophy...it was a nail-biter, but we pulled it off! We waited almost 30 years to get that ring "for the thumb" in 2006. Now that we have started on the other hand - we want to fill it up!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Here We Go!

It's Super Bowl Sunday, and for Pittsburgh it's the greatest day in the entire year. This town goes crazy when the Steelers make it to the play-offs, so just think how much crazier it is when we are in the Super Bowl.
Don't get me wrong, I am a HUGE Steelers fan. I grew up with watching Steelers football with my Dad every Sunday - Myron Cope's voice blaring through a little radio (my Dad would prefer to mute the TV and listen to the radio instead of listening to the guys on TV).

Now I am married to an even bigger Steelers fan. John has season tickets, which means that we are at every home game. Well, this year, I stopped going in October...the cold weather and bathroom breaks were too much for me. We have so much fun going to the games - meeting up with friends, tailgating, and becoming friends with all the other season-ticket holders that sit around us. There is just a special bond between Steelers fans.

Friday was a crazy day downtown. One of the radio stations sponsored a "Bird Bashing" event where they painted an old car in red and decorated it with the Arizona Cardinal emblem and then had Pittsburghers take turns bashing the car. They called the car the "Cardinal Clunker." Here is a picture of the event:
I support fun event like this. However, there are people who take things a little too far. For instance, on Friday afternoon there were already 2-hour delay notices for various school districts for Monday morning. And yes, it's because of the Super Bowl. C'mon now. We were just in the Super Bowl 3 years ago, and there was nothing like this. People are nuts!

Nonetheless - I can't wait till tonight. We are going to John's aunt's house for a party. We will be decked out in our Steelers gear, cheering on our team to a historical 6th Lombardi Trophy.