Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Loving Gabriel Brothers

Last night, my neighbors and I ventured to Monroeville for dinner, shopping, and coffee. Our shopping excursion was supposed to include Gabriel Brothers, Sam's Club, and Marshalls. However, it only included Gabriel Brothers. We got so caught up in that store, that we were the last customers to leave...on a Tuesday night.

So, just guess which racks kept us so intent - yep, Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft. There were at least 8 racks of clothing from these stores and all the items were $5! Now, you had to look carefully for success because most of the clothing sizes were 00-petite...yeah, like that person exists! But there were a few items that I found that made me happy. I also purchased some nice Ashworth shirts for John...ones that will be great for the vacation. My other exciting purchases were a 9-West bag for $20 (originally $62) and 2 Speedo work-out bathing suits for $12.99 each (originally $72 and $84).

I used to go to Gabriel's all the time with my mom - wait, correction - my mom used to drag me to Gabe's when I was younger, which probably explains why I hadn't been there in quite some time. Well, after last night, it is going to be a frequent stop when I am in Monroeville!


pajama mom said...

we will turn you into a shopper yet! :)

mike likes his shirts too, i don't know why i didn't get a couple for my dad for father's day, duh! i looked them up and they sell for $60 - not bad for $10!

i might have to go back and look at the wvu stuff...

Caroline said...

I totally can't wait to go to Gabe's again; they have one in my parent's town. Kyle even loves it!