Thursday, February 2, 2012

January 2012 - Alena 9 months

We hit some big milestones between our 2 girls this month!

Alena is crawling!
She has been trying for over a month now, but the other day she was motoring around like a champ. I am not sure how I feel about this accomplishment - it's bittersweet because I love that she is growing up and developing well, but now I have to be sure to keep my eye on her all.the.time!

Her transitions to crawling were hilarious. First it was the usual: on all 4's, rocking back and forth, and legs sliding out behind her, accompanied by a frustrated cry. However, she then started a new stage of crawling: on on 4's then straightening her legs to a down-dog position. I wish I could take credit and say that she was mimicking her mother's yoga positions - but let's be real - do I really do yoga? Luci is potty-trained!

I really backed off the month of December - she was really disinterested and with the holidays, it was difficult to stay consistent. Then in January, I didn't push anything, and she became totally compliant! We did have a few days of accidents as I posted earlier, but now we are on our 16th consecutive day of no accidents! I am so proud of her!

We went to an open house for a preschool at our church on Sunday. It's a little sad to think that Luci is old enough for school already - sniff, sniff. But such is life! I still want to look at one more school whose open house is at the end of February. Ironically, it's the preschool that I attended when I was little!

We have been enjoying the little bit of snow that we have gotten so far this winter - we were able to play outside a few days, but the 60 degree days melted all the snow away! This is the strangest winter that I remember in Pittsburgh. I just wonder if we are going to get hit hard in March or if we are going to have a really ugly summer - I am hoping for the former!