Saturday, June 23, 2012


Vacation Bible School

I signed Luci up as a preview to 3-year-old preschool.  I was a little apprehensive, but optimistic.

Monday: a little clingy, but let me go eventually - no tears, I even lingered a little, but she seemed ok.
Tuesday: just a quick drop-off - no lingering - no problem.
Wednesday: Nonni took her - a few tears, but she was fine shortly afterward.
Thursday: Pappy took her - no problems at all :)
Friday: a little teary-eyed, but she was ok - or so I thought
             10:00am - phone call - she vomited while eating her snack
                              I told her that I would pick her up - she insisted on staying
                              They gave her a new shirt.
              10:30am - another phone call - she wasn't participating as usual
                               Again, I told her that I would bring her home - she insisted on staying.
                               Then she was fine.

Last night was the family night where they performed for us.
It was adorable - all the songs and dancing -
She looked like she was having so much fun - despite the late week drama.

The words for the week - TRUST GOD!

Good words to live by!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Big Day

We didn't succumb to the drama of the "Dance Moms" studio, but we still have a diva in the making!

Luci successfully completed her first dance recital!

But let me tell you - it was a hot mess:
everyone doing different dance moves at different times,
a senior dancer had to come out and help them along,
and finally, they almost did front rolls on top of each other!

I had tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard!

Despite the craziness - it was awesome! 
I am just so proud of her for actually getting on stage without me nearby!

Here are some of her professional pics:

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Highlands!

Growing up, we belonged to a neighborhood swim club - Highlands Aqua Club.
It was the best place EVER!!!

We spent pretty much every day there in the summer:
we would arrive early in the morning for swim team practice,
stay through the afternoon,
return in the evening for swim meets,
or just remain there for dinner on non-meet days.

Seriously - the best times, the best friends, the best memories,

Well, Highlands is celebrating its 50th summer this year.  They had a big party yesterday and spent all day there just like in the good old days!

Here are some pictures of those days:

1985 HAC Swim Team

That's me- going off the "low-dive" - 1984

 First year on the swim team - didn't know about cap and goggles just yet

A little more experienced now - 1985

Finishing warm-ups - circa 1990

Here's Luci swimming at the baby pool!

 Thanks Highlands  - for the best days of my childhood!!!