Sunday, September 30, 2012

I did it!

I set a goal for myself to do the Great Race 10K.

I have done many 5K's before - but nothing farther.
Until today.

Despite the down pour of rain for the 2nd half of the race -
it was a great race - no pun intended!

I did pretty well for myself too -
I wanted to come in under an hour,
and I did - 56:45 - ~9:00/mile pace.

Next goal - half marathon!

The things we do for our kids - part 2!

Here is the latest cake that Luci watched on youtube:

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The things we do for our kids

Luci loves to play with my iPhone.

She gets on to uTube,
and finds videos -
how to bake different kinds of cakes.

She watches how to make
princess cakes,
mermaid cakes,
castle cakes,
purse cakes,
doggy cakes,

Her latest obsession is a
rainbow magical unicorn cake.

She has been asking for weeks
to make this cake with me.

So I finally caved.

Here are pictures of the progress
and the final product!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Good reads!

When I first saw the trailer for The Hunger Games movie, I was not intrigued.
I had never heard of the book series until after the movie was released.
I had no interest in seeing the movie or reading the books.

Then I would hear people talking about the books-
how good they were,
how they couldn't put them down,
how they had read all 3 books in one weekend.

I became curious.

I saw the first book for $5 at Sam's Club.
So I bought it and read it on vacation.

Seriously - I couldn't put it down.

I watched the movie - pretty good adaptation.
Of course the book was better.

It took me a while to get to the store to buy the other 2 books.

I started book 2, Catching Fire, on a Friday afternoon,
and finished book 3, The Mockingjay, by Monday night.

Yes, they are THAT good!

I may even read them again soon!