Sunday, May 11, 2008

Why a Grill Cover is Necessary

Yes, that is a picture of our grill. And yes, that is a bird's nest inside. CRAZY! We did have a grill cover, but it blew away this winter during a strong wind storm. We actually had this happen last spring, but we caught it in the early stages, and got rid of the nest. I know that sounds cruel...but I love to grill - less mess and less time for preparing meals - what wife doesn't prefer to grill? Anyway, the trick was to figure out how the bird got inside of the grill...and we did. There is about a 2 inch overlap of the lid in the back of the grill. So, last year, we just placed a piece of cardboard back there when we were not using it, and never had anymore problems.

So, you would think that we would have been smart enough to get a new grill cover for the beginning of spring...of course we weren't! The good news is that we can get rid of the nest now. When we discovered the nest 2 weeks ago, and there were 2 little eggs in it. Last week, there were 5 eggs. As of more eggs.

Now we have to assess the damage and hopefully clean it up enough so that we can feel safe to use it again. We got the grill for free from a teacher friend of John's who retired and moved to North Carolina, so at least it's not like we would lose any money if we decide that it's just too gross to use again.
What are your thoughts on using the grill again?


Jill said...

That nest is crazy! Yes, I'd use the grill again.

Becky said...

I'd use the grill, too. It's not like an animal died in there.

Just give it a good cleaning. It's a grill... just start up a big fire in there and burn any remaining bird nastiness away.

Carla said...

that was my thought process...just let it burn and it will in a sense clean itself.

thanks for the input!

pajama mom said...

what an industrious bird! i can't even keep up with the laundry!

if you are grossed out - we just bought new inside parts for ours at lowe's - not because of a bird, but because of rust. we got a new grate and a heat shield? looks brand new.

yes, heat should take care of the rest. good luck!