Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Bachelor = STUPID BOY!!!!!

The finale of "The Bachelor" was on last night. I was not as enthused as I usually am for "The Final Rose" (as they call it) mainly because I think that the final 2 girls were trashy. I was totally rooting for the other 2 girls who were in the bachelor's final 4, but of course they were too nice and sweet. Here were the final two:
First, we have Shayne, who I disliked from day 1. She was 22 and an actress. She's the daughter of Lorenzo Lamas, who used to be on that 80's drama called "Falcon Crest." Anyway, she was fake and annoying. I was not a fan.

Next we have Chelsea, who tried to impress the Bachelor in the first episode with her arm wrestling skill. I joke you not! She was okay, but still not my first choice. However, between these two, Chelsea would probably be the better match.

So guess, just guess which one he chose:
Of course the fake blonde bombshell who is going to dump him after she realizes that her movie career won't take off in London (which is where he is from and is expecting her to relocate to be with him). The best part of the entire episode was when he rejected Chelsea and she totally exploded on how Shayne was the "falsest" (word?) girl there...you go!

Maybe "The Bachelorette" will make a more suitable choice for herself...girls usually think with their heads, and not with their...well, you know!


Becky said...

I could not have said it better, Carla. Bravo! Amen! I think your prediction of what will happen between the two of them is RIGHT ON. I read on people.com today a quote from Shayne where she says something to the effect of "we're completely focused on each other for right now." That just screams 'this isn't going to last!'

I was totally expecting him to pick Amanda from the beginning and was shocked when he sent her packing before taking her to London. Noelle was my favorite by far, but she didn't even get to go on the "over-night" date (he probably knew she wouldn't put out).

I, too, and SO looking forward to the Bachellorette! Girls are so much smarter.

Carla said...

noelle was my favorite too. i loved her...she was so pretty and sweet. i thought for sure that the final 2 were going to be her and amanda, and then i would have been happy either way. boys are just plain dumb!

i love that you are as into this as i am!

Becky said...

It is my guilty pleasure. I've been watching since my days at Emory. I usually take time every Tuesday to watch the episode online. Can't wait to chat with you about the Bachelorette. I'm really looking forward to it...

Becky said...

People.com is reporting that Shayne has already completed a 6 page spread for GIRLS GONE WILD. One word for you... trashy.

More info available at:

Carla said...

OH MY GOD! i can not believe her. you can not say that she didn't go on that show to further her acting career!

my favorite is the quote: "Shayne has a genuine ‘girl next door’ quality." yeah, especially with her butt crack totally exposed!

what a f!@#-ing slut-bag-hoe!