Friday, May 23, 2008

Oh, to be a kid again!

Growing up, this weekend was always the best...the kind that you look forward to all year long. And here are the reasons why broken down daily:
  • Thursday - sometimes Ascension Thursday fell on this week, and as a Catholic school girl, we would have the day off due to it being a Holy Day of Obligation. In addition, this was the day of Penn Hills School District prom, and all of our neighbors would be going. So, we would watch all of the couples take pictures and load into their limos
  • Friday - Penn Hills School District Kennywood Day! Looking back, we were such losers when it came to Kennywood Day because we would purchase an outfit specifically for that day, and then anytime we would wear it afterward, it would be referred to as "my Kennywood outfit" and our friends knew exactly what we meant. At least my friends and I didn't buy matching outfits to wear (which a lot of people did). Nevertheless, it was the best day because we would get to the park early and leave really late, and we would run into everyone we knew throughout the day!
  • Saturday - Pools opened! I was a total pool rat when I was younger. I really felt badly for the lifeguards, because I am sure that they hated us...we would never miss a day and we would never leave - rain or shine
  • Sunday - Usually, by this time graduation parties started, and since I was one of the younger kids in my extended family, there was always a few parties to attend and most fell on this day.
  • Monday - Memorial Day - NO SCHOOL! Enough said.

What I wouldn't give to go back to those days, when my biggest concern was bad weather because it would put such a damper on all of the festivities of the weekend.

Speaking of, it has been so depressing in Pittsburgh lately, because the weather just hasn't been up to par. I was driving into work this morning and it was 39 degrees! C''s Memorial Day weekend, it has always been at least in the high 70's, even if it rained. "They" say that it is supposed to warm up, I hope that their predictions are right!


Jill Abraham said...
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Jill said...

It's freezing here in Virginny as well. Ha! I totally remember the new Kennywood outfit tradition. We gangsters at Ambridge also participated in that tradition.

Becky said...

Somehow us Hampton kids missed out on the Kennywood outfit tradition. School picnics were the best! I haven't been to Kennywood since the summer after our first year at Allegheny.