Friday, May 9, 2008

I am LOST!

As I mentioned in my TV Junkie post, I am addicted to LOST. It's one of those shows that you have to watch every week and pay attention to every little detail or else you have a million questions. Not to toot my own horn, but I am usually pretty up-to-speed with the show and all of the flashback story-lines, and now the flashfoward story-lines, and I am even sometimes right about predictions that I make.

Last night was a different story though. I don't know if was because I was so tired (it's on at 10pm now instead of 9pm, which means it's a struggle to stay up...but I'm addicted, so...), but I was left with more questions than usual. Thank goodness that has all of the episodes online so that I can re-watch an episode I want.

To my fellow LOST-aholics: were you confused by anything last night?


Becky said...

Since we don't own a TV, I have to watch LOST online. But I am a loyal fan. David and I are planning to watch last night's episode sometime this weekend. I'm dying to know what happened... I'll be in touch after I finish watching it.

pajama mom said...

i have to admit i am a little lost myself.

i understand what is going on - just WHY? what is the point?

just tell us already!

we read jeff jenson's articles on the entertainment weekly site. he has some good theories.

Carla said...

the whole time difference between the island and the boat is what is throwing me off.