Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Love Thursdays

Thursdays have always been family day for us. My parents own a restaurant in Oakland, and my dad is the chef. So, growing up, we didn't see him too often because he was gone by the time we woke up, and we were in bed by the time he got home. Thursdays were different as my dad would leave earlier in the morning so that he could be home for dinner. I distinctly remember insisting on moving my "regular" seat at the dinner table on Thursdays so that I could sit next to my Papa (as we always called him when we were little).

Now that we are grown, this tradition has continued. We still make sure that we all get together for dinner on Thursdays. My dad still goes into the restaurant earlier and we all venture to my parents' house for dinner around 6:30. It's great because we all squeeze into the kitchen and enjoy a great meal together. It can get a little chaotic with the twins and Gabi running around, but it's so much fun.

I look forward to Thursdays each week for this reason. It's pretty impressive that we have been able to carry on this tradition for so long...which should be a good indication that this will be something that we will always hold on to, for as long as we can!

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