Monday, May 5, 2008

TV Junkie!

I am a total TV junkie...not too proud of it, but at least I will admit it. My current obsession is "Dancing with the Stars." LOVE IT! If you haven't tuned in, you have to give it a try...even John is into it, and he won't deny it either. The costumes, the moves, the comments...the whole show rocks. I wish that I was a star so that I could be a contestant on it.

Currently, Jason Taylor, a Miami Dolphin football player, is on the show...and he's from Pittsburgh! He went to Woodland Hills High School, which is where I swam for about 10 years. That almost makes him my favorite, but right now my favorite is Kristie Yamaguchi, the Olympic Gold Medal Figure Skater. They are down to the final 5 couples, and 1 will eliminated, guess where I'll be tonight - that's right, on my couch hypnotized by the TV.

My other TV obsessions are as follows:
  • The Bachelor (pathetic, I know...but the drama is so addicting! PLUS The Bachelorette starts in 2 weeks with the girl who was totally dissed on the last season of The Bachelor)
  • Grey's Anatomy
  • LOST
  • Desperate Housewives
  • Brothers and Sisters
  • What Not to Wear
  • Top Chef

Hey it could be have to be surprised to see that shows like "American Idol," "Survivor," and "Big Brother" are not on my list, which are the shows that you probably would expect to see.

Does anyone have any TV-favorites that they would like to share (or admit to enjoying)?


pajama mom said...

we are total "losties"!

mm also watches battlestar gallactica, which i tease him mercilessly about, but guess who's sitting right there beside him watching too?

i LOVE what not to wear, john and kate plus 8, and almost anything on hgtv.

Jill said...

We don't have cable, but on the Internet and via Netflix, we are watching

1) The Office
2) Ugly Betty
3) 30 Rock

Carla said...

jill - total props to you for not having cable. i think that my life would be a lot more fulfilling without cable, but like i said, i am a TV junkie!

SARAH said...

At 29, I am still making up for a childhood without cable. The Hills is my ridiculous guilty pleasure, although I HATE Spencer and Heidi and I'm usually half asleep before it's over. Other than that, it's mostly Lost and 30 Rock.