Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Final Four!

Twilly is FINALLY gone! Gees - it took long enough. Although, I must say this - the 2 guys who got the boot (Twilly and Sean) were very gracious and took it like men. I was very impressed.

I also have to admit that I was relieved that Sean was sent home too. He had been low on the radar until tonight, and then revealed a little too much. He is single and lives by himself, yet has a huge house with 5 bedrooms, drives a Hummer, has a closet that is bigger than my bedroom, has a sauna and a walk-in tanning booth in his house, admits that he loves labels, and actually said that his luggage is no good unless it has "L.V." on it. I had to learn later the "L.V." stands for Louis Vuitton...that's pretty bad! I came up with a solution though - I think that Sean would be perfect for Shayne (see The Bachelor = STUPID BOY post). 2 high-maintenance people can find love...maybe.

So that leaves: Jeremy, Jason, Jesse, and Graham (note that 2 of my original 4 favorites are still in!). Next week are the "Home Town Dates" where DeAnna will go to each of the guys' home towns and meet their families and friends. Should be interesting (especially with Jason and his 3-year-old son).

We will return to the drama next week!


Becky said...

I'm excited Twilly and Sean are gone. After the helicopter ride, I knew Twilly would be packing his bags. I was a little surprised that she kept Jesse since he didn't kiss her. But I think it was a good choice to keep Jesse and send Sean home.

I'm still debating who the final three will be, but am guessing Jason and Jeremy will be the final two.

Looks like a lot of drama next week... I cannot wait!!

Carla said...

yeah, i think that graham is the reason why she is so upset next week...can't wait!