Sunday, June 15, 2008

Feeling the Fever!

We had a weekend full of little ones! First off, I really wanted to visit Ann Taylor Loft this weekend because I received a 30% off coupon for this weekend only...can't pass that up. So, when I told John my desire, he actually offered to come with me...SHOCKER! Well, Dani happened to call as we were leaving and asked if she could meet us there (with Gabi and the twins, she needs assistance while shopping and this was a perfect opportunity for her to indulge as well). So there we were at Ann Taylor Loft - Dani and I trying on clothes in the dressing room, and John in the store with Gabi and the twins...but he loved it!

Then later that evening, friends of mine were having a little get together. The hosts, Laura and Steve, have a beautiful daughter - Gianna, who is pictured here...too cute! We had such a great time: eating, drinking, and playing a mean game of Catch Phrase (boys vs girls). We played so many rounds - I forget who the big winner was - but I think it was the girls!

On Fathers Day, my parents hosted a family shin-dig where all the kids were loving the great weather. Here are a few photos from the afternoon:

This is Nica getting used to the sprinkler.

This is Toni - trying to move the sprinkler.

This is Gabi - a mess with ice cream.

And here's the whole gang with ice cream: Matteo, Guilia, Toni, Gabi, and Nica (Matteo and Guilia are my cousin's little ones).
It's getting hard to wait!


SARAH said...

Too cute! Sounds like John is practicing for some of his own! :)

pajama mom said...

ok the kids are cute and all - but what did you get at the LOFT?!?!?