Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"The Bachelorette" Vent

It's about time she got ride of Ron, who was the whole reason for the cattiness that I mentioned last week. The ironic thing is that - he was the oldest guy there - 36-years-old. I would have expected behavior like that from one of the guys in their early 20's.

Anyway, can I just say this - how adorable is Jason! He was so nervous about telling DeAnna about his son, but she was really open to it and didn't reject him as a result of it (for now). The thing is - I am worried that she will eventually get rid of him because of it.

I am so bummed about Richard - another one of my original top 4 bites the dust. It doesn't look like I am doing so well with my predictions this time around.

Twilly is still there - seriously, he is a loser! Jesse surprises me each week...he wore an actual suit finally - and he looked pretty snazzy in it.

Although he wasn't in my top 4, it looks like Jeremy will be the guy who she ends up with. I am not backpedaling and saying that he is MY favorite, but it sure looks like he is HER favorite. The only one who stands a chance to bump him off the top seat is Graham...but the previews for next week don't support that theory.

Guess we'll just have to wait and see!

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Becky said...

I finally saw the whole episode. I, too, am glad that Ron is gone. It is about time. He was as catty as a tween girl. Grow up! I couldn't believe his exit interview... "it wasn't that I was rejected by DeAnna, she just chose other guys." Whatever loser!!

I think Twilley and Jesse are being kept around for entertainment purposes and because she doesn't have to take them so seriously. If it were me, I'd keep them around and get rid of the scary/creepy guys (Ron, Sean, etc...) first. She can have low-risk fun with the Twilleys and Jesses of the group - while getting to know the other guys that should make the final three or four.

I'm looking forward to next week's cookout at the outhouse when things get ugly. Based on what Ellen said and the preview for next week, I don't think Graham will be around too much longer. He's hot, but probably not marriage material.