Monday, June 23, 2008


Bachelorette update - Graham is gone. I called it though (see comments from last week). DeAnna claims that he was the one who she was actually falling in love with, but couldn't risk the chance of being rejected by him in the end because he refused to open up to her about anything. In my opinion - it was a wise decision. Although, I am very curious as to what he wrote in the mysterious note that he handed her as he left.

I was really impressed with how the rest of the home-town dates transpired, especially Jason's. I know that he has been in my "top picks," but I was skeptical the whole season about him due to the fact that he has a 3-year-old son. Well that concern is gone because DeAnna totally embraced the possibility of becoming a step-mother.

Other than that - there was nothing too exciting. Jesse's family was really down-to earth, and Jeremy's was okay. Her and Jeremy need to get passed the fact that they both had parents that passed away - I understand the significance of that sort of loss, but I'm not sure that's the best thing to base a relationship on.

So with Graham gone - only one of my original 4 favorites is still hanging in there - Jason. Next week are the "Fantasy Dates," followed by "The Men Tell All" episode, where all the rejected men come back to bash each other and possibly DeAnna.

Love the trash!


Becca said...

I was waiting for Brian to get home last night and ended up watching bits and pieces, I was crying each time! I can't believe you got me hooked!

Carla said...

ha, ha, ha! i love that i have brought you over to the dark side, becca!

Becky said...

I finally finished watching the episode...

And I couldn't agree with you more about Graham. I think she was a little dramatic in the end saying that he was the one she was falling in love with. I think she's falling for Jeremy and Jason, too. Graham was physically her ideal; she put him on a pedestal, but it wasn't real. My opinion: it was lust, not love. But it was powerful and emotional.

I also agree that she needs to find another bond with Jeremy besides losing a parent. There needs to be more than that to their relationship.

As for Jesse, I think it was fun for her, but I think he'll be the one to be eliminated next week.

I'm feeling, strongly, that she's going to end up with Jason. The hometown date in Seattle was amazing. And it is obvious that DeAnna is open to being a mother NOW.

I'm so excited for next week!