Friday, June 20, 2008


Even though I have nothing bad to say about the institutions where I attended high school and college (in fact I wouldn't trade my education for anything), I am still reluctant to donate money to them. Call me cheap, but I seldomly fork over cash to either Oakland Catholic High School or Allegheny College. I guess part of the reason for this is because my parents (and I - READ: loans) have given loads of money to these schools already. And I just can not justify giving more when I still have outstanding loans that I am paying off.

That is - until now! Oakland Catholic (OCHS) has definitely figured out the "golden ticket" when trying to get alumni to donate money - exploit a most beloved teacher and coach: George Rudolph (pictured here). George (as every student called him) taught world cultures and you didn't have him until your junior year. Although he was infamous for his impossible tests and research papers - he was (and probably still is) one of the best teachers at OCHS. In addition to teaching, he was the cross country and track coach, so I interacted with him in the classroom and on the track. I feel very lucky to have gotten to George as well as I did. My family became very close to him and his wife, Ann, over the years. Keep in mind, Dani is 5 fives older than me and ran track as well, so my family built a relationship with him for close to 1o years.

OCHS is well aware of how most students and alumni love and respect George and therefore has organized the 1st annual Rudolph’s Run. They are calling it an event intended to promote healthy lifestyle choices and raise money for The George Rudolph Scholarship Fund. AKA - alumni donating money to the school.

So of course, we are a bunch of suckers and are not only donating, but participating - and it's tomorrow. Unfortunately, Marina is in a wedding, so she can't attend. But Dani and I, along with my mom and the 3 little ones, are going to do the walk, which is a 4K. I would prefer to run, but I think that Dani will need some help with the girls.

It should be a fun event and I am looking forward to see who is going to show up...hopefully it will be a fun reunion!

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