Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Solution

I mentioned in the How easily we forget post that I was developing dark tan lines from my one-piece Speedos, which consist of thick lines on my back and a high line on my chest, almost to my neck. These are pretty unflattering when you are trying to dress seasonally with tank tops and such which expose these lines without forgiveness.

So, I made a decision to resolve this problem. I have never worn a two-piece training suit before, but due to the frequency of my afternoon swims and the beautiful weather, I purchased one.

Here in Pittsburgh, there is a shop called Knabes Swim and Trophy, which carries all different swim apparel from all different companies. Therefore, this was my only stop when searching for my solution. However, when I arrived, I was disappointed to see that the only selection in the 2-piece training suits was limited to a very small clearance rack. Perseverance always wins over though, here is my purchase:

If you look closely enough, you can see that the top and bottom not only don't match, but they are from 2 different companies (top from Dolphin, and bottom from Speedo). But hey, the top was $11 and the bottom was $7...can't beat that when regular 2-pieces run no less than $50 these days.

I'm pretty self-conscious in this, but I have no one to impress. And I would rather look a little ridiculous wearing this in front of a bunch of other people in unflattering swimwear than look ridiculous in a pretty dress at a formal function with funky tan lines exposed!


Becca said...


I remember Julie Oplinger and I wearing two piece workout suits when we were in Puerto Rico. It's definitely a different feel, but I am sure you will get used to it. And the tan line problem should be solved. I am so jealous that you are swimming and outdoors even! Think of me when you are doing laps, I am stuck underground!

Caroline said...

everyone in Hawaii wears bikinis that don't match if it makes you feel any better. it's in style!

boo hoo, i'm leaving today for good. see you on the east coast!