Wednesday, June 4, 2008

How easily we forget

So, I have mentioned that I have been swimming again. I joined a place nearby that has a 25 yard indoor pool, but it also has a 50 meter outdoor pool. For those of you who are not swim-savvy, a typical high school indoor pool is 25 yards, while larger university pools are 50 meters. Below is a picture so that you can see the difference:Obviously, the length of the pool is 50 meters, while the width is 25 yards. Well, I have decided to indulge in the great weather that we have been blessed with lately and swim outside. And now I have one thing to say - OUCH!

It is amazing the difference that 89.04 feet make when you are waiting for the wall to show up. I have realized something - I need my flip turns! I forgot how hard it is to make the transition between the 2 types of pools. But I am going to persevere through this and build my endurance so that each lap won't feel like an eternity.

The only downside is that every once in a while I have flashbacks to winter breaks in Puerto Rico. Yeah, that may sound nice, but my fellow Allegheny College swimmers understand the negative connotation from that statement. The other downside is the tan lines and the uneven tan. I am noticeably darker on my back in comparison to my front and therefore have the dreaded Speedo tan lines that will take forever to get rid of. Not to mention the fact that I have a tan line around my face due to my cap. Oh well!


pajama mom said...

i can't even walk up my stairs without getting tired! you are my hero.

SARAH said...

Carla , you're awesome to be swimming in a 50 meter pool! I haven't done that since Puerto Rico. Those trips were equally miserable and fun, don't you think?

Carla said...

okay, you're right. but the flashbacks that i am having are of actually being in that pool, so those reflects the miserable aspect. there definitely were so funny things that happened there!

Carla said...

i meant "some" funny...oops!