Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I am forbidden to go near my sister's house, and I have been since this weekend. My nieces have been stricken with a horrendous virus (probably Rota virus) that kept Nica (twin #1) in Children's Hospital for 2 nights. Dani finally returned home with her yesterday, spent about 3 hours at home, and then was off to the hospital again with Toni (twin #2). Thankfully, they were able to hydrate her in the ED and discharge her home.

Wait, that's not the end - my Mom just called...Dani is back at the hospital with Nica and my Mom was on her way there too...with Toni. They just can't seem to keep anything down. They are only 20 months, so this is pretty devastating to the family.

I want to help but they won't let me near them. It's pretty frustrating being in the medical field and not being able to do anything for ones that I love so dearly. I know that I have to keep the well being of my little one in mind. So, I guess the best that I can do is pray...and if you could say a little extra prayer for my little would be greatly appreciated!

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pajama mom said...

yuck! i know it's difficult to stay away, but you must.

i will say a prayer, or two!