Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Feeling Yucky

So, after work yesterday I stopped by Dani's because my mom was there and we had plans to do some browsing of shower invitations at a party store in the Waterworks (keep in mind that Dani lives about 5 minutes from the hospital, which is why I mention popping over there frequently after work).

Anyway, we all ate lunch together and all of a sudden I got really tired. I have been warned that the 3rd trimester can be as bad as the 1st in terms of exhaustion. Since I am very near the end of the 2nd, I chalked this fatigue to the pregnancy. I laid on Dani's couch, and ended up sleeping for about an hour. However, as soon as I woke up - I knew that something was wrong.

Yep - I got it - that horrible GI bug that is going around. And I really don't think that it was the girls...a lot of people at work have been out with it, so I think it's just something that needs to makes it way around until it affects everyone.

So I am home today...first time I have ever called off of work for a sickness in YEARS! I just hope that I start to feel better soon because I don't want to use up PTO for this...but I will if it's necessary. And don't worry, I already spoke to my OB and they are aware of the illness. I feel much better this morning than I did all night, so hopefully it's just a 24 hour thing.


pajama mom said...

i had that right before christmas, i can't even imagine being pregnant too! the stomach pains were horrible! (even worse than contractions, i thought)

let me know if you need anything i am here all day, just going to the grocery store. need some gatorade?

also - i'd be more than happy to print your invites - i love doing stuff like that.

Carla said...

thanks, but i think that i have everything here: gatorade, tes, ginger ale, soup, etc. just not too hungry. i guess going out tomorrow is now out of the question, bummer!

pajama mom said...

we'll wait for you! the weather looks bad anyway.

SARAH said...

Hope you feel better soon!