Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Drama, Drama, Drama

Gotta love girls when they become catty, and that is exactly what happened last night on "The Bachelor." Seriously, I would be so embarrassed to be some of those girls right now - having America watching how ridiculous they were.

What did we think of Natalie's exit? Can we say "immature"? There have been many girls to get the boot on a 1-on-1 date, but I never recall such an angry response. I guess she showed her true colors and proved that Jason made the right move by sending her home. Nice to see a guy who doesn't always think with the head below the belt. How did you like the comment "I like bears." Was she drunk? She couldn't even follow-up and lost her train of thought. Classic!

Then there was the whole scene at the rose ceremony. Megan and Lauren just needed to duke it out. Yeah, it sucked that the other girls were basically cheering that Natalie was gone...but it's not like they shared their mean thoughts with Jason. And yeah, Jason did flat out ask Lauren if there were girls that he should be concerned about. But look at how tactful Naomi handled that situation - she didn't mention any names. I do think that Megan takes things too far at times, but Lauren shouldn't have been so specific either. But it all definitely was entertaining!

Also, I really like Stephanie...and she finally looked normal in her casual attire on the date. She looks way too severe when she is all done up, I think. However, I am not sure if Jason is keeping her because he is attracted to her, or if he can relate to her struggle right now as a single parent separated from a child. We'll see...

Jillian is by far my favorite...no drama, down-to-earth, fun, and just plain nice. I also still like Molly...looks like they get a little hot and heavy in a tent next week!

Oh, and has anyone noticed Nikki's sideburns other than me...seriously! John said last night that she looks like Michael Jackson as he was passing through the family room. If you look at her quickly...he's right! Pretty funny! Still not sure about her - I kinda like her, but she seems a little full of herself.

Finally - Shannon - ANNOYING!

Anyone have more thoughts to add?


WASPy Girl said...

Glad to see Natalie and Erica go!

I think the vast majority of the bachelorettes on that show are freaking crazy. I'm adding Nikki to the list. Who can pay attention to her sideburns? All I see are boobs!

Shannon is annoying. Didn't like Lauren "thowing people under the bus."

I like Melissa and Jillian and Stephanie.

Not sure yet about Molly and Naomi.

Still hoping that Megan stays in.

Becky said...

I'm caught up - sort of... I can't get the first half of this Monday's episode to download. Will watch it as soon as it's available. I did jump ahead and watched the second half of this week's show so I could join in the conversation...

I'm so glad both Natalie and Erica are gone. And I'd like Megan to leave too. Her mouth alone is a HUGE turn off to me. Jason wouldn't want her to be around his son with a potty mouth like that.

My favorites are Nikki, Melissa, Jillian, and Stephanie. Not sure about Molly (though I'm thinking I like her) or Naomi. Melissa reminds me a lot of Jenni from the Bachelor with Brad Womack - she's a hot piece of ass, but in the end won't be enough for Jason and his family. Molly might fit into the same category; same with Naomi.

That said, Nikki and Jillian are at the TOP of my list. Nikki's boobs are a little out of control though. I can't wait for next week's episode!

Becky said...

And, Car, I'm also thinking that Jason relates to Stephanie more than he really likes her. They share a lot of common experiences and the same life situation, which makes things really easy. However, I just don't see the romance.

Anonymous said...

Hey Carla,
I love the bachelor and glad to see you are still a huge fan. THe girls are all over Jason. I was laughing last week when each of them would ask him for a kiss. I think he was shocked.
I think Melissa, Jillian, Megan and Molly will be in the final 4.
Anyway, nice to chat to someone about the show.
I hope your feeling good.
Take Care