Monday, January 26, 2009

Poor John

I torture my husband. The poor boy. I knew that I was flirting with torture, but last night - it was confirmed.

See, I have this bad habit of watching the same movie over and over again. Our cable bundle includes Starz and HBO, and they often play the same movie over and over again (great for me!). Movies that I tend to watch like this include:

The Holiday
Music and Lyrics
August Rush
27 Dresses

Hey - at least the first one is a football movie. But the rest are definitely chick flicks - quality chick flicks, though. It doesn't matter if the movie is just starting, in the middle, or even toward the end - I will watch it.

So last night, 27 Dresses was on, and of course I had to watch it. John of course rolled his eyes when he saw that it was on and asked "Do we have to watch this AGAIN?" To which I answered "But you like this movie." Then he replied "Yeah, the first 15 times I saw it."

For those of you who have been subjected to the opportunity of watching a movie with me know how I tend to recite lines. Well, as we were watching 27 Dresses last night, John was reciting MORE lines than I was, and he was DEAD ON with the dialogue.

That is when I knew that I have tortured my husband to no return now.

I kinda feel badly about it...but kinda not. Hee, hee!

P.S. We even went out to the movies this weekend and saw Bride Wars...he laughed throughout the you think that I am stripping him of his masculinity?

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Meg said...

hahaha....hilarious. And yes, you are stripping John of his masculinity. He definitely needs to turn in his man card. On another note, August Rush is Billy's favorite movie, lol!