Saturday, January 24, 2009

Making Progress

John and I FINALLY surrendered to the fact that we are within 100 days of the birth of our first baby, and started the dreaded baby shower registry. As I mentioned in a previous post, I had my handy-dandy "Baby Bargains" book, which helped tremendously with a lot of overwhelming decisions.

So John and I ventured out last weekend and started on it. The big stuff was very easy. We had that stuff narrowed down and knew exactly what we wanted, so we flew through that stuff.

Then came the smaller details - bottles, pacifiers, bath accessories, wash clothes, blankets, diapers, wipes - how many, which ones, which quantity? That is where the overwhelming part took over. So I decided that we should call it a night where we were comfortable with what we were sure about. We ended up leaving with a 4-page registry, which I was proud of.

I shared what we had accomplished with Dani and asked her if she would help me with the items that I was not sure about. Since I had off on Monday, we took advantage of the free time and she accompanied me to Babies R Us.

I must say, taking a "veteran" mother to help with your registry is the best thing ever. She was able to veer me from things that were totally unnecessary, and advised me to add things that I would have never looked at twice. The 4-page registry quickly turned into a 10-page registry.

So I am happy to report that it is pretty much complete. Thank goodness for the online component of the Babies R Us registry, so I am still tweaking some things by adding and deleting online. My mom and I ordered the invitations on Monday too, so things are pretty much getting set.
I just can't wait for our "Little One" (which is how I refer to the baby lately) to arrive, and making progress on the registry makes it seem that much closer!


WASPy Girl said...

Upon your recommendation, I also purchased the Baby Bargains book. I think I've memorized most of it. It was so incredibly helpful. I was completely lost before I read it. Haven't done much with the registry, though. I'm dreading it. I think my plan of action is going to be to make a detailed list and go to Babies R Us armed with that. I'm going to go check yours out right now.

pajama mom said...

how fun! i can tell you had a seasoned mommy with you!

random thoughts -

i loved my boppy.

awesome to see stainlees and bpa free stuff.

i also loved my travel bowls, we went out to eat A LOT with one kid.

mm had to go to the store to buy the breast creme because i did not know i needed it. you will save john the embarassment! (save that for when he has to buy the stool softener...)

i love the diaper bag.