Thursday, July 31, 2008


I am proud to announce that last night I wrote out a check for my FINAL loan payment!

That's right, I am totally debt-free (in terms of college and grad-school loans - still got the mortgage and the car payments). See, moving back home after college and living with your parents until the morning of your wedding definitely has its perks!

Therefore, I have to acknowledge my parents and thank them for those years that I lived at home. If it wasn't for their support, I wouldn't be as excited as I am right now for this accomplishment. By living at home, I was able to save the money that would have been used toward rent, utilities, furniture, etc. - and that really made the difference. I was able to make higher monthly installments, and as a result, finish the payments early.

The car pay-off isn't too far off, but the mortgage, well, that's definitely a different story!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! That is fantastic. What a relief.

We're trying to have half of Josh's law school loans (the unsubsidized ones) paid off by the end of the year. There will be a big celebration after that happens.

I hope you and John and doing something to celebrate!!


Becky said...

That is HUGE!! Congratulations. I, along with Jill, hope you and John plan on doing something to celebrate.

When my former boss finished paying off her undergrad, law school, and masters degree loans (from William and Mary, NYU, and Hopkins) she hosted a BIG party at her house. She spent the same amount on her party as she would have on her loan repayment. It was a great party - good food, open bar, etc... I suggest something along those lines so we can all come and celebrate with you.

SARAH said...

Congratulations! I am very jealous. My last loan payment will probably be when I'm 80. Promise to invite you all to my party!

pajama mom said...

yay! more loft money!