Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Not so sure anymore

I just watched last night's episode of "The Bachelorette" and I am not so sure about my prediction for next week. My thoughts from the last post were based on prior episodes, but last night's really showed a different side of Jesse, and it really seems that DeAnna is falling for him. Not that I think that he is a shoe-in, but I can't be sure in my prediction.

But this is the only time where I won't be disappointed if she picks one over the other because they are both good guys.

Can't wait for "The Final Rose"!


Becky said...

I can't wait either!! Oh.my.gosh.

First, Jeremy... it was obvious after his overnight date that she was having her doubts. He was SO awkward. I'm really glad that she was able to realize that she does have a connection with Jeremy b/c they have both lost a parent; however that doesn't mean it is love. She was VERY wise and well-spoken while explaining this to Jeremy.

The dates with Jesse and Jason looked like they went really well. Jesse does have a romantic side. That said, I don't think he did a convincing job telling her that he's ready for marriage, kids, and a forever commitment. Jason, on the other hand, has said and demonstrated this.

I think she's going to pick Jason. I think Jesse is too "unstable" for her. I think she wants someone who knows what he wants long term - in terms of family, work, and life. Jesse talked the talk about their relationship, but he was all over the place when she questioned him about long-term plans for work and where they would live.

So, I'm sticking with Jason. I like Jesse, but I'll be sad next week if she goes with Jesse.

Monday cannot come soon enough...

Carla said...

i love that you are as into this as i am!

i agree with you about the jesse and the "unstable" thing.

a lady that i work with told me to check out the message boards on abc.com for "the bachelorette," and people are may intense about this show. they totally dissect everything that deanna says in interviews about the show's finale. i guess at one point she said "i would be honored if 2 men asked me to hare their lived with them." we would naturally think that she meant the 2 remaining guys, but these people say that it is a play on words and that she really means jason and ty.


Carla said...

sorry for the typos - i meant "way" instead of "may," and "share" instead of "hare."

Becky said...

Have you seen the preview on ABC.com?!!?! If not, stop reading now and go watch it. Supposedly in the final 2 hour episode, one of the guys DeAnna sent home will come back the night b/f the final rose and tell her she's making a BIG mistake.


Carla said...

AWESOME! can't wait!