Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What's wrong with this picture?

Yes, that is my RIGHT hand with my wedding rings. Why? Well, in lieu of our 2nd wedding anniversary (which is today), I thought that I would reminisce about the events from our 1st anniversary:

So last year, we attended one of John's cousin's birthday parties on July 21st. A volleyball game was started, and for some unknown reason I felt compelled to play - even though I totally suck at volleyball. One of the 3 times that I actually hit the ball, my left ring finger totally bent back. It hurt pretty severely, but I didn't want to look like a wimp, so I continued to play.

Slowly throughout the rest of the afternoon and into the evening, my finger was throbbing, swelling, and turning black-and-blue. I tried to keep it in ice to help with the swelling so that I could get my rings off, but it burned so much in the ice that I couldn't stand it very long. I was still determined to get them off with soap, lotion, conditioner - but nothing worked.

By the next morning, my finger was seriously dark purple - it looked like a purple sausage took the place of my finger. However, this day (July 22 - our 1st anniversary) was Marina's bridal shower. So I sucked it up, went to the shower, helped out like nothing was wrong, and kept my obviously broken finger a secret...that is until the bitter end. Once the last guest left the shower, I looked at my mom and said - "I think that I need to go to the emergency room." She looked at me, kinda puzzled. Then I showed her my finger.

We decided to drive to Sewickley to be seen in the ED because I knew everyone there and I wouldn't have to wait hours. The doctor cut my rings off as I was being registered. What a bummer - having your wedding band and engagement ring cut off on the day of your 1st anniversary. I asked at one point - "Is this a bad omen?" My finger was so swollen that the rings were causing a constricting effect on my finger, and there was an actual "pop" once they were completely separated. From the time was entered the parking garage to the time we left was less than an hour - it helps working in a hospital at times!

As a result, I got my rings sized to my right ring finger, which ended up being the original size for my left hand. By the winter, the swelling was completely gone and I was able to wear the rings on my left hand again.

Then summer hit - my left ring finger now swells quite easily and there is an obvious callus at my PIP joint (aka middle knuckle). Therefore, I have resorted to wearing them on my right hand again.

You would be amazed at how often I get questions as to why I wear my rings on my right hand - at least 1 patient a day asks. Since the story is so long, I have resorted to simply saying - "I'm Greek Orthodox."

Unfortunately, it's 8:30pm and I still haven't seen John yet today. He had to work - bummer! But we are going out for dinner and movie tomorrow to celebrate. I still haven't decided it I should torture him with "Mama Mia" or please him and see "The Dark Knight."

I'll let you know...


pajama mom said...

happy, happy anniversary! greek orthodox! too funny.

Becca said...

Oh my goodness, that is such a Carla story! You always resisted going to the hospital even though you knew you should be going!
For what it's worth, you may not want to make John see Mamma Mia. those of us who have seen the show, just weren't as thrilled with the movie. It was good, but nothing beats the show! The scenery in the movie is amazing though, I have to give it that!
Have a great anniversary!

SARAH said...

Happy Anniversary! That's such a funny story! I love it.