Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Can anyone relate?

Although we do not have any children yet, I am already playing the role of an imaginary being who magically appears to make others happy. I have realized that my husband (despite the fact that he is wonderful), never replenishes anything in the house. As a result, here is the list of the few "fairies" that I have become:
  • Bar of soap-fairy - I love getting into the shower, rinsing off, going to reach for the soap, only to realize that it is a thin sliver of nothing. Then I have to step out of the shower (soaking wet) and reach in the linen closet for a new bar of soap.
  • Shampoo-fairy - the same scenario, delete thin sliver of soap and substitute empty shampoo bottle.
  • Liquid soap-fairy - It's great when I want to wash my hands and I pump the liquid soap dispenser only to get air and tiny spits of soap in my hand.
  • Crumb-fairy - Everyday when I come home from work, I notice crumbs all over the counter (right next to the sink). This is obviously where John makes his lunches. He claims that he sweeps the crumbs into the sink...but the evidence speaks to the contrary.
  • Toothpaste-fairy - We use Mentadent, which comprises of a dispenser and removable cartridge fillers. Again, I grab my toothbrush, hold it to the spout of the cartridge, push as hard as I can, and get nothing. The other night was classic: I knew we were running low, I went into the bathroom and realized that the empty cartridge was was removed and in the garbage (WOW!), but then the new cartridge was place on the counter right in front of the dispenser...why it wasn't placed nicely in the dispenser remains a mystery to me.
  • Mail-fairy - I detest clutter, but John doesn't mind allowing all sorts of paperwork to pile either on our kitchen counter top or kitchen table. I can let it go for a few days, then I have to go through all of it, organize the important stuff, and trash the junk. I love clear counter tops and tables!

I guess this will just be good practice for when I become a mother, huh? So, I am just going to suck it up and get used to it. What kind of fairies have you become?


Jill said...

Toilet paper fairy!

Carla said...

that is the one thing that john does replenish!

pajama mom said...

mike said he is the trash fairy and the cat litter fairy!

Carla said...

oh, i forgot that i am usually the garbage fairy too (john is starting to get better at that one)...last summer i was the lawn fairy.

Caroline said...

I am pretty sure that men are missing the gene that is responsible for this type of behavior (I just taught inheritance in class today!). They just don't find mess as obvious / obnoxious as women do. I have decided to just accept it and nag only when it is absolutely over-the-top, like when K goes to throw away the empty ice cream container and puts it back in the freezer instead. Or on the counter. The counter is a favorite spot for EVERYTHING!