Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Results

A few posts back, I expressed my excitement for an Ann Taylor Loft shopping spree. My friend from Allegheny, Jill, commented that she wanted to see what I had purchased. So, I found pictures of some of my purchases online, and here they are:

There are some items not here because I could not find their pictures on the site. Like I said before, I was trying to find clothing suitable for the cruise...considering we are going to be visiting a lot of churches and museums with descriptive dress codes (i.e. knees and shoulders must be covered in St. Peter's Basilica). The dress is for dining on the ship, but all of the other items are for the excursions all over Europe....can't wait!


Jill said...

Nice! I like all the purchases. Thanks for the fashion show.

Hey, and Josh and I *may* be going to Spain, France, and ITALY!! this summer with his family...But we haven't decided for sure yet.

Carla said...

AWESOME! let me know when...maybe we will be near each other at some point. how cool would that be!