Monday, April 21, 2008

O.F.T. = Obligated Family Time

The above term and abbreviation was introduced to me by John's 17-year-old cousin, Jordan (who is hilarious!). I thought that it was the perfect title for this post considering what our Sunday was comprised of...a double-dose of OFT.

OFT - Dose 1 (the Polish Dose)

We got up early to attend mass with John's family in East Vandergrift (where John grew up) at 8:30am. John and I usually attend mass on Saturday evenings to allow for leisure Sunday mornings, so this was early for us to get going on a Sunday. Anyway, the mass was special because it was a memorial mass for his maternal grandfather, who passed away a few years ago. There were 18 family members at the mass, and then all of us congregated at King's for breakfast afterward (which is where I heard Jordan use "OFT" for the first time). Although there were 18 of us there, and that seems like a pretty decent crowd, that was only about half of the family who would normally be there. It was such a nice morning. John's one cousin Meghan (who happens to be Jordan's older sister) recently got engaged, so we were indulging in wedding-talk...which can keep me happy for hours! Unfortunately, we had to leave breakfast a little earlier than everyone else to move onto:

OFT - Dose 2 (the Italian Dose)

After we left King's, we made our way to Dani's house for the twins' birthday fiesta. On the way, we picked up 3 cakes and a few dozen cookies from Oakmont Bakery...YUM! We helped Dani and her husband, Dino, set up and get ready for the party. It was a total success. Dani was set with a caterer, airbrush tattoo artist, and animal balloon maker. The kids had a well as the adults. However, I must make one little side note...if there is any couple who is on the fence about having children: attend a birthday party for very small will definitely weigh in on your decision (READ: best birth control EVER!). Fortunately (or unfortunately...depends on how you look at it) for me, it didn't phase me in the least.

I have to clarify this post...please do not think that I consider family time an obligation. Because the truth is...I live for days like this one. When I heard Jordan describe the morning as OFT, it was just too funny (and blunt) that I couldn't pass up the opportunity to use it!

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