Thursday, April 24, 2008

John turns THE BIG 3-0

Today is John's birthday, and as the title of the post indicates, he is 30. I recently celebrated my 30th birthday earlier this month on April 1st (yes, I know, I am a fool!). Despite that John is merely 23 days younger than I am, he loves to rub in the fact that I am older than he is. This year was especially fun for him...for the last 23 days, he was still in his 20's, while I was already 30. What a turd, I know!

Even though he tormented me, I still wanted to make his 30th special. He threw me a huge surprise party for my birthday. Disappointingly, I knew about it, but the real surprise was seeing all the people who attended...there were 50 of my family and friends in our house. I threw a surprise party for John last year, so doing it again this year would just be redundant. But don't worry, I do have a surprise planned.

Since we have been married, John and I have not exchanged any gifts for any occasion...this is due to buying the house and purchasing necessities for the house. We figured that we will just spend money each occasion for things that we need, not that we want. However, I am going against that pact just this once. John is a HUGE Steelers fan...we even decorated our basement in a Steelers theme. He hung numerous pictures of various Steelers logos, players, and memorabilia on the walls. My surprise to him is a personalized wall hanging, and here is a picture of it:
Here's a closer look at the personalized aspect of the picture:

What do you guys think...good gift?


SARAH said...

Very cool present!

Jill said...

Love it.

Interesting idea about not exchanging gifts with one another. We def. live in an "over-gifted" culture, so props to you for figuring out a way to cut back. Josh and I don't do anniversary or Valentine's gifts, but we do exchange for birthdays and Christmas.