Thursday, April 17, 2008

Birthday Girls!

Today, my twin nieces celebrate their 1st birthday! Everyone, I would like you to meet Domenica ("Nica") and Antonella ("Toni"). As you can tell, they are not identical twins. They totally have their own personalities and are so much fun! My sister, Dani, is super-mom. In addition to these adorable birthday girls, she also has another daughter (Gabriella - "Gabi") who will be 3 in May. Dani is throwing them a HUGE birthday party on Sunday, so I am sure that I will have stories for you all afterwards! It's hard to believe that they are 1 already. For my pregnant goes REALLY fast!

I had to include these pictures because they are so cute:

Here's sisterly love at its best: Gabi and Nica

And here's Toni with her cast (she broke her arm trying to walk last month!).

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Becky said...

The baby cast is too much. Jeff broke his arm when he was two (and again when he was three, five, six, seven...), but his cast definitely wasn't as cute as that little pink one. All three of the girls are adorable!