Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What was I thinking?

First Birthday.

It's a big deal, right?
So of course we are planning a party.

But with my family and John's family, there is no such thing as a small, intimate gathering.

She only turns 1 once, so of course we invited the immediate family - including aunt, uncles, and first cousins from both of our families.

And we can't have a shin-dig this caliber without inviting the neighbors who we are friendly with.

The RSVP's are in, and 82 guests later (20 of them kids) I am a little worried:
the forecast is 60% chance of rain.

I rented a tent, so hopefully I will be able to keep the majority of the guest outdoors.


Seriously, what was I thinking?

1 comment:

slowly growing old together said...

That's crazy!

I do hope you have nice weather. Are you cooking for everyone? What type of cake are you getting? Will it be from Oakmont bakery?

And, Happy 1st Birthday Luci!!

Take lots of pictures.