Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The dream is coming true

We are doing it - getting a new kitchen. We went to the Pittsburgh Home Show last month and spoke to all the kitchen places there...and only one called us. They came over, measured, and made a computerized image of what our kitchen may look like.


The price is even better. We haven't confirmed anything yet, but I am about 95% sure that we are going through with it!

Can't wait!


Sarah said...

Yay you! Considering how much time everyone spends in the kitchen, it's money well spent!

Now that we've moved and I LOVE my new kitchen, I don't know how I managed in our little itty bitty kitchen!

So excited for you!

Diana said...

This is one thing I just can't understand: when all of these places complain about the economy and having no business, how is it that only one bothers to call you back? Really pushes my buttons!

But I really look forward to seeing the new cooking space!

WASPY GIRL said...

Good stuff. Are you getting granite. I agree w/ Sarah. Everyone spends time in the kitchen. It is the most impt room in the house.