Sunday, January 3, 2010

A little sad...

I spoke too soon in a prior post about enjoying nursing because Luci just weaned herself off of my boob within 3 hours yesterday.

She bit me the morning of New Year's, but did well the rest of the day. Then yesterday morning she bit me 3 times. I gave her a stern "no" and didn't really think anything of it. When I went to nurse her in the early afternoon after lunch, she refused me. So I tried a bottle, but she refused that as well, so I chalked it up to that maybe she was just full.

Then the late afternoon feeding came, and it was quite dramatic: back arching, stiff as a board, and screaming as I tried to get her to nurse. She took a bottle no problem. She refused me the rest of the day as well.

My theory - she now associates nursing with getting yelled at and therefore doesn't want to do it anymore. I guess I should be relieved now that I won't suffer from any more bite (which, but I was quite emotional and even cried.

I have accepted it now, but the only thing is that I have a massively clogged duct, and my pump just can't get it out. I do keep trying to see if she will nurse just to de-clog me, but she is not interested.



pajama mom said...

oh. oh. oh.
so bittersweet.
hang in there!

WASPY GIRL said...

Oh, that is sad. I'm sorry.

I keep wondering if S is going to wean herself because she was so bad at nursing over the holidays. Josh had to bottle feed her for a day because I was bleeding! She's fine now, but it made me dread weaning her much less.

WASPY GIRL said...

P.S. On the bright side, at least your days of pumping will soon be over. And if you want another baby to nurse, there are ways of going about getting one ;)

Becky said...

I'm so sorry.

It was really hard on me, too, when K just quit. I cried. But it is probably best for Luci. And you have the emotional capacity to deal with the situation - even though it hurts.

On the plus side, having a weaned baby is completely liberating. Putting your pump AWAY will feel so good and you'll be amazed at how much free time it gives you.

Hope the next few days/weeks are easy on your boobs...