Saturday, January 23, 2010

Luciana - 9 months

She is on the move!

Luci mastered the art of crawling over the past 2 weeks, and she is nonstop now. Not only that, she is cruising along furniture like a champ too. Plus, she can stand alone for long periods of time. Also, she walks with her walking toys all over the house. This can only mean one thing...walking on her own is not that far away. Life as we know it is over!

We had a bad bout of crankiness and sleepless nights a few weeks ago, as I posted before. One evening she had a fever, so I gave her Motrin, and she slept through the night. I wasn't sure if it was a fluke or if the Motrin helped. So I conducted an experiment of nights with and without Motrin, and (duh?) she slept through the night on all Motrin nights while she screamed on all the non-Motrin nights. Then one morning, one of her incisors popped through, and she has been back to normal ever since. Those damn teeth! Note to self - when nighttime screaming commences, Motrin is a lifesaver!

She is babbling alot saying "bababa," "dadada," and "mamama." I like to think that she actually is referring to me with the "mamama," but I know that she is not being specific yet.

Her favorite thing to do now is give kisses, and how she does it is so stinking cute. She leans toward you with her mouth wide open until she makes contact with your cheek. It's so sweet!

We go to see the doctor on Monday, and we are excited to see how big she is!

Here are pictures from the past month:

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