Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jake - Episode 3

Michelle = CRAZY! I think that she may be the craziness girl by far EVER on this show. Seriously, she threatened to leave last week, then didn't follow through. Then last night, she told Jake that she couldn't stay, and when he didn't protest, she couldn't understand why she was leaving...HELLO? It was YOUR idea! Moron!

Elizabeth was too annoying with the kissing issue. I have to admit that when she first told Jake that she didn't want to kiss him until she was the last girl to kiss, I thought "good for you." But she should have ended it there. She kept dangling the issue in front of his face: "Do you want to kiss me? You can't kiss me. Don't kiss me, but do you want to?" She just took it too far.

Vienna - still not a fan, but she was more tolerable on her 1-on-1 date with Jake. It's the other girls that bring out her nasty side - not to say that she is innocent, because I really don't think that she is. For all the girls to agree that she is no good speaks pretty loudly. Unfortunately, Jake only ever sees the sweet Vienna...sounds familiar, eh? Kind of like Jillian and Wes? Jake should notice the signs and know better!

I still like Ali, but she is causing some drama - especially with Vienna. She constantly calls Vienna out on her bad behavior, which I guess is better than talking about her behind her back. If she continues this cattiness, she is going to be lowered on my top list.

I do like Ella, but I think that she is going to turn out to be the Stephanie for this season. You remember her (and that type) - she's the mother who is so sweet and nice, who everyone likes and respects, but there is just no electricity with the Bachelor. However, she is kept around until he can't bear the fact that he is going to hurt her (and her kid).

Other favs - still like Tenley, and Corrie seems pretty level-headed and nice.

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