Sunday, December 27, 2009

Simply having a wonderful Christmas time!

Well, Luci certainly is!

Although we are loving our first Christmas with Luci, things are just so incredibly chaotic. She refuses to nap, eat, and nurse. Her schedule is a mess, and she is as happy as a lark.

For the past 3 nights, she has been waking up at around 4am - ready to play. Her eyes are huge, like she is giving us a great big "HELLO!" This morning I was slapped in the face by a tiny hand and the happiest shriek followed. John had gone to get her and brought her to bed.

She is so nebby that she can't sit still enough to eat or nurse - and therefore fights sleep. You would think that this would make her sleep the entire night - NOPE! Oh well!

I am hoping that this will end after the 12 days of Christmas are over...only 10 more left!


WASPy Girl said...

How funny. Scarlett is the same way. My boobs are killing me. She's so bad at nursing. Christmas was great, but I'll be glad to get back into the routine.

pajama mom said...

love the laundry basket ones.
very cool.
merry christmas!