Friday, January 8, 2010

Our Savior!

Dani had an extra one of these and gave it to me while I was pregnant. I never attached it to the crib before Luci came, and until now we never needed it.

We were willing to try anything, so John attached it to the crib the other night.

It is a miracle worker, and with the remote feature, it's even better! For instance, when Luci wakes up the middle of the night, I will wait to see if she will fall asleep on her own. If she doesn't, I grab the remote, walk down the hall, stand outside her door (so she doesn't see me, because if that happens then you know that it's over!), press the button on the remote, and go back to bed. Within seconds she is quiet, and within minutes she is asleep!
See, our savior!


Sarah said...

So glad you found something that works! Isn't like striking gold?

Carla said...


thanks to everyone for all the advice!