Saturday, May 23, 2009

Luci - 1 month

So our little Luci is 1 month went so fast already. I am already dreading going back to work in 2 months!

I still can't figure out her nightly routine that is her feeding frenzy...she wants to eat just about once every hour from 6-11, and then finally she goes down for a snooze. So I have just surrendered to the fact that this is what is going to happen every night now. Once I get her down, she typically wakes up about every 3-4 hours, which really isn't too bad. However, last night - she barely went an hour and a half between I am a little tired today.

Despite the lack of sleep (which I am handling a lot better than I had anticipated) and my ENORMOUS chest that seems to be growing daily, I love my quality time with her. She has her little quirks that melt my heart. I love it how she sometimes covers her face when she nurses (which means she covers my boob too - thanks for the discrepancy Luci! Check out the pictures for evidence). I love the little noises she makes as she sleeps and stretches, and also the noises she makes when she nurses to let me know that I am touching her too much - it's like she is saying "stop kissing me so much - I am busy!" I love that when someone else is holding her, and I start to speak, she totally stretches her neck to find me.

I never knew that I could love someone so much!

Mother's Day was so special - and I finally have some nice pictures of Luci with her Mama (unlike the ones from the hospital where I look swollen, drugged, and exhausted). There are also funny pictures of her feet - evidence that she has my toes, her long fingers, her "Got Milk" ad (she has milk all over her face after nursing), and random photo-shoots by John.

Well, we have a very busy summer coming up - tons of showers, weddings, graduation parties, and not to mention Luci's baptism. Pretty much - we are going to be broke come October!

Enjoy the pictures:


Sarah said...

First off, you look AMAZING. Secondly, Miss Luci is adorable. I love the pictures with the girls too.

Glad things are going so well! I think about you guys all the time.

Becky said...

you do look amazing. and luci is adorable. glad to hear you are getting 3-4 hours of sleep MOST nights. K's feeding schedule was very similar to Luci's the first few months. If you remember her at Christmas time, I nursed her several times over the course of dinner with you guys. Around 3 months, she started consolidating nighttime meals - usually 6pm, 8pm and then midnight. And then we'd get up again around 3am.

hope to meet Luci (and see you) soon!

pajama mom said...

she has your eyes too! lucky girlie.

i love it when they sleep with their arms over their heads!

great pics.