Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jillian - Episode #2

I missed about 30 minutes of this episode because I was in route from my parents' house to my house. So I missed the 1-on-1 date with Jake - but he got a rose, so I guess that it went well. I have been meaning to watch it online to see what I missed, but I haven't had a chance yet.

Other than that - I think that the 3 guys I picked as my favorites last week are still my top 3: Jake, Kiptyn, and Sasha - no drama, and they seem to be quality guys.

I have now picked guys who annoy me - #1 is David. He actually received the "First Impression Rose" last week, but he is not impressing me at all. He has it out for Juan for something that happened on their group date (I missed that whole thing too). So I can't be too judgemental about it, but none of the the other guys seem to be dwelling on it as much as David is.

I am not a fan of Wes's either. He's way too into himself and his music.

One of the Tanner's creeps me out too - he was the one obsessed with Jillian's feet. It's a little strange. Also, he and Michael seem to have a love-affair going on - they are way too friendly with each other.

I am sure that the drama will continue next week - I love it!


Becky said...

I love it, too. Drama, drama, drama! You have to go online and watch the one-on-one date with Jake. It was incredible. They have amazing chemistry. And he is a super good dancer! Loved watching him lead her around on the dance floor. He also laid a kiss on her mid-sentence at one point and it was precious. He's definitely one of my favorites. I also like Kiptyn.

I'm definitely freaked out by Tanner the feet guy. And Wes and Michael really annoy me. There are still too many around for me to really start making predictions. In addition to your favorites, I really like Ed and think Mark is really a cutie!

Can't wait for next week!

Carla said...

i finally watched what i missed...i love jake! that was a great date. i hope jillian keeps him around for a while.

i saw the group date with david and juan, but i don't get what david was so bent out of shape about with the whole shot-thing. but whatever it is, he needs to get over it. not that i like juan (because i think that he is a tool), but i hate when guys act crazier than girls...it's such a turn-off.