Wednesday, April 15, 2009



So we went in for the version this morning. I was all settled: on the monitor, IV in, and ready to rock. Then we were informed that the attending was in an emergency and probably wasn't going to be there for 2 hours. Fine, I am in this field - I totally understand.

Then the parade of various residents and fellows started. They decided to start scanning me to check the positioning and the amniotic fluid level - it was determined that my amniotic fluid level was too low to attempt the procedure. A safe AFI (fluid level) for the procedure is 10, and mine was 6.8 this morning (but it was 16 last week, critical level is 5). In my opinion, that is a significant change, and I do feel kinda damp "down there" and have felt that way for about a week now. Plus I drank SO MUCH over the past 2 days, so I thought that I did a good job at hydrating myself for the procedure. But this morning, I had a feeling that something was wrong, because I didn't feel as "full." At first, the fellow seemed to indicate that a C-Section today was not out of the question, but she got a hold of one of my doctors who relayed the message that she wanted me to have a non-stress test and an ultrasound on Friday. So I was discharged.

John went to work and my Mom and I decided to go out for breakfast. While driving, we were passing my doctor's office, so I thought that it would be a good idea to stop in and schedule the tests then. Well, that turned into a 2-hour visit. I saw one of the other doctors, who did an exam. She doesn't think that I am leaking enough to be concerning, I am not dilated, and only 50% effaced. They did do a non-stress test today while I was there, and everything seemed to be good. But she indicated that I am NOT to work tomorrow or Friday - to lay on my left side and stay hydrated in hopes that the fluid level will pick back up.

I am so bummed because I don't want to use time off before the baby comes. Seriously, what difference is a couple days going to make at this point? Maybe some of my fellow PA's who specialize in Ob/Gyn can enlighten me. If I am told that I have to take off all of next week and then schedule a section later next week, I am not going to be happy - why make me waste my days off without the baby? I would prefer to work if I have to wait another week. Am I being unreasonable? Sorry if I am, I am just a little sad about this. Everything has been so great up until this point and now I am on bed rest and playing the waiting game - not fun.

I am going to try to convince John to "help" me with breaking my water to move things along...hee, hee!

I will keep you posted on the progress of everything!


pajama mom said...

can you still braid hair? :D

Carla said...

of course!

SARAH said...

Hey, BUMMER your AFI was low! How many weeks are you now, exactly? Let me know how your appointment goes today, ok?