Friday, April 10, 2009


So we have known for about 5 weeks now that the Little One is breech, but we have been optimistic that he/she would turn in time for delivery --- WRONGO!!!!!

We had an appointment this past Monday and my doctor was a little suspicious about the positioning of the baby - definitely breech, but maybe frank breech. What's the difference, you ask? Well here's a little OB lesson for you all -
We went for an ultrasound on Wednesday, and it was confirmed that the baby is in the frank breech position. So our little bugger is suck - head up, butt down, and feet in the the air - all set to be a diver and to specialize in dives in the pike position!

The doctor presented our options - wait to see if the baby will turn (unlikely now that I am almost 38 weeks), schedule a C-Section at term, or try an external cephalic version. Now I know that I am quoted in the past saying that I could totally comply with a C-Section if the baby was breech, and I still stand by that comment. However, if I can avoid it - I would like to try. My doctor was very pro-version, which made the decision much easier.

Therefore, we are going to see specialists at Magee on Monday morning. This is just a consultation so that they can review my history and we can talk and such. If I am a good candidate for the procedure (which my doctor thinks that I am), we will be trying the version later in the week.

It doesn't sound like the most comfortable procedure and I am preparing myself for it to hurt - A LOT. That way, if it doesn't, then I will be pleasantly surprised. Here are the potential outcomes:
  • Successful version - baby in vertex position and will await labor naturally
  • Unsuccessful version - baby still breech and schedule a C-Section in a few weeks
  • Complicated version - emergency C-Section next week
Pretty much the outcome is the same - the baby will be here, and that is all that matters to me. If I can have a vaginal delivery - that would be optimal, if not - that's fine too.

I will be updating the blog about the details of this process.


nora said...

Hey Carla! Ellen was frank breech too - except we didn't find out until I had been in labor for 4 hours. She was a day late at that point. The amniotic fluid was low so there wasn't the option to try a version. She kept her feet at her ears during diaper changes for the first couple days after she was born. :)

We did a c-section and although I was scared (especially since it was such a surprise) it really wasn't bad. Of course the vaginal delivery for Will wasn't that bad either... they both have pros and cons.

Good luck with the version!!

Becky said...

Car - I hope the version is successful. And glad to read that you have such a great attitude. Please let us know what you decide to do. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers on Monday...

I agree with Nora...the c-section isn't that bad. I was a little surprised the morning after at how sore I was, but the drugs are good and the healing process is fast.

And not that I'm wishing a surprise c-section on you this week, but if that does happen I could come see you. And meet baby Maz. That would make me really happy, but it is probably best to let Baby Maz make his/her debut on his/her own time.

Best of luck. And thinking of you...

WASPy Girl said...

I'll certainly be praying for you, as you try to make a decision about this.

spalink said...

Hi Carla,

My name is Justine Petracci Lawson. I grew up in Campbell, OH (outside of Youngstown, OH) about 1.5 hours from Pittsburgh, PA. I stumbled upon your blog while googling San Pietro Avellana. I felt compelled to contact you.

My mother's parents were from SPA. I have family who still reside in OH. My husband and I would love to visit SPA soon. We are currently living in San Diego, CA. Was your mother or father from SPA?

Well, I wish you and your husband the BEST of luck with your baby and the delivery. I am sorry to hear of the Frank Breech that she/he has decided to complicate things with. But, I'm confident that all will fair well.

I'm so glad to have stumbled upon another possible link to the SPA region. Take care and keep in touch! My email is medsrme at yahoo dot com.

Buona Pasqua!

Katherine said...

Hey Carla! Good Luck with everything. I don't know if you remember but I work on Labor and Delivery. In my hospital we do versions all the time and I would totally try it if I was in your situation. Good Luck, I will be thinking of you. Any questions anytime feel free to contact me! :)

pajama mom said...

we will be thinking of you! let us know if you need anything at all. shot of vodka? :)