Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 2010

Her personality is starting to shine through more and more.

Luci loves to kiss people - but the way that she does it is classic:
she tilts her little head up toward the sky, sticks out her tongue, and licks. I love the affection, but little boys do not - they actually run away from her - it's precious.

She finally swam for the first time out of the bath tub. SHE CAN'T GET ENOUGH! She had no fear - seriously. She waddles around in the baby pool - she has even slipped a few times and has gone under, but never got scared. One time, she found her footing, stood back up on her own, and acted like nothing happened. We usually go to Nonni's or Aunt Dani's pools as guests, and sometimes we take advantage of Daddy's summer job and go to his pool too. Next year, we are going to join the local swim club. For now Mama bought a blow-up pool and we have fun in the back yard!

She is totally a girlie-girl (unlike her Mama). She is obsessed with shoes, purses, and jewelry. She has a fit if she sees that you have taken your shoes off. She will pick them up and bring them to you and put them back on your feet, all the while saying "SHHH, SHHH!" My guess is that means "shoe."

She continues to eat really well - pretty much anything that we give her. Fruit is by far her favorite - especially grapes. She is also really good about feeding herself with her hands, and doesn't make too much a mess - at times.

We are really enjoying our summer, but we can't wait for vacation to the beach - the biggest excitement is awaiting the arrival of Luci's new baby cousin - any day now.


pajama mom said...

her hair is getting lighter!

Antoinette said...

You have an absolutely GORGEOUS family and I am loving your blog. My husband is also Polish.