Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ali - Episode #2

I was right about Canadian Craig...big troublemaker. All he wanted to do was get in a fight. His main target was Jonathan, the "weatherman" (who by the way went down on my top list). Although Jonathan did not deserve the attack from psycho-Craig, he was kinda cry-baby about it. Thankfully, Ali listened to Jonathan's warnings and got rid of Craig.

She had a 1-on-1 with Frank, who is so full of energy. He may seem a little over-the-top, but I still like him. And Ali does too...they smooched it up during the date.

The other 1-on-1 was with Jesse - HOT! Not sure how much is actually upstairs, but he is nice to look at!

The group date was uneventful...boys posing in Speedos for charity. Seeing boys in Speedos doesn't phase me, considering I spent half of my life swimming with that.

I forgot to mention the twist from last week. The guys all wrote down the name of someone who they felt was not there for the right reasons. There was an overwhelming vote for Justin, who is a professional wrestler. I guess that other guys thought that maybe he is there to promote his career and is not sincere about his intentions to fall in love with Ali. In the end, Ali had to make the decision to send him home right then and there or to give him a rose, she chose the latter.

I comment on this now because there seems to drama surrounding this whole issue with Justin and his true intentions...I guess we will see it in the future!

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