Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ali - Episode #6

The first 30 minutes of last night's episode was the best 30 minutes of any season. The drama was so ridiculous. Justin was outed by his girlfriend. Here's what happened:

They all arrived in Turkey. Chris Harrison went to Ali's room to let her know of a "situation" that had come to their attention via Jessie (one of the other rejected girls from Jake's season whom Ali was friends with). They got Jessie on the phone, who then told Ali that Justin had a girlfriend. When Ali questioned how she knew this - Jessie admitted that she was actually with the girlfriend (Jessica) at that moment. So then Jessica got on the phone and proceeded to tell Ali of the scam - that she had been dating Justin for 2 years, that a few months ago he told her that he wanted to go on the show to promote his wrestling career, that he was going to try to make it to the final 3 since they get so much publicity and then leave and then come home to her and marry her. She came forward now because she recently found out that he had been cheating on her with another girl for 2 months, so she wanted to do the honorable thing and let Ali know of his deceit before it got too far.

Ali - obviously pissed - went to the guys room and basically exposed Justin in front of everyone. Without a word, Justin got up and started to leave. When Ali tried to get him to talk to her - he just kept on going saying that he'd be happy to talk to her off-camera. He went outside, trying to leave the hotel grounds, but it seemed as though he was barricaded by the hotel staff and the camera crew, so he had no choice but to sit with Ali and talk to her. He continued to deny everything and then left.

As they showed him walking off, they played messages that he left on Jessica's voicemail while he was on the show. Various quotes included "you are my everything," "I want you to be my wife," "being here makes me realize how much I love you," etc. I can't wait to see if he shows up for the Men Tell All episode.

Other than that - nothing too exciting. Craig was booted, which leaves 5 guys. Next stop is Portugal.

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