Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ali - Episode #5

The pack arrived in Iceland and the guys found out that they had to write a love poem to Ali, and the best one won a 1-on-1 date with her. Kirk won. But some of the other poems were pretty funny.

The date with Kirk was fine, but Ali felt as though he was holding something back. Then at dinner, Kirk revealed how he became really sick at one point in his life as a result of living in an old house (he basically inhaled asbestos and mold that could have killed him). Of course Ali ate it all up, and he got a rose.

The group date involved riding horse back in the freezing cold and caving. Nothing too exciting here, Ty got the rose.

Next was the dreaded 2-on-1 date where one guy gets a rose and the other goes home. This was with Justin and Casey - there couldn't be two guys who hated each other more. Casey finally showed Ali his tattoo and explained the meaning behind it. Justin was all about the competitiveness of the date and wanted to come out on top...he really didn't seem to care so much about being with Ali. In the end, Ali was of course freaked out by Casey and gave the rose to Justin.

Next week is when the cheater is revealed...Ali gets a phone call and finds out that one of the guys has a girlfriend back home. I wonder who it is....JUSTIN! When will these Bachelors/Bachelorettes figure out that when all of the girls/guys are against one particular girl/guy that there is a reason for it? Seriously - Wes, Vienna, and now Justin - get a clue people!
New show - The Bachelor Pad. Previous Bachelor and Bachelorette rejects living in a mansion together and at the end of each episode, someone gets voted out of the house. Sounds like it is going to be full of drama!
In other news - my sister is due in 5 days!