Sunday, October 4, 2009

WAY Harder...but somehow, faster?

This morning was the ZooZilla 5K at the Pittsburgh Zoo. I was expecting a difficult course considering all the hills through the zoo, and I was right. The first 2 miles of the race were pretty much all up hill...steep hills in some cases. I kept telling myself to keep running, and I did it.

As I was headed for the finish line, I was totally expecting my time to be MUCH slower than last week's time (since the Great Race was mainly flat and a little down hill). To my surprise, I came in at almost one whole minute faster (now you have to consider "chip time" which clocks the time you cross the start line to the finish line instead of when the horn blows). I was much deeper in the pack last week, but not a minute's worth. So I think that I went at least 20-30 seconds fast this week, which puts me at under 10:00 mile pace. I guess the rain from last week hindered me more than I thought.

Next 5K - in 2 weeks - Miles of Smiles at the Plum Midget Football field (which is where I run).

Too much stuff going on next weekend for a race: wedding, baptism, post-wedding picnic, anniversary party...I am going to need a weekend to recover after that weekend.


pajama mom said...

no way! you are awesome!

Becky said...

congratulations! i cannot get over the number of races you're running. you're a freaking rock-star.

you'll be running marathons before you know it...

Carla said...

i wouldn't go that far...5K is my limit. the races are my motivation to keep running through the week. i just don't know what i am going to do when winter comes.