Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another season!

As we were watching "Dancing with the Stars" last night, they announced the new Bachelor for the upcoming January season - it's:Jake! The nice, conservative, "too perfect" pilot from Texas. He's the one who warned Jillian of Wes's not-so-good intentions after he was booted from the show.

We'll see how conservative he really is when 25 women are throwing themselves at him!


pajama mom said...

dude, he is hot.

Becky said...

Although Jake is a good choice, I would have been WAY more excited to hear that the next bachelor was Reid. I heart him!

That said, I agree with PJ Mom... Jake is hot. And there will probably some great dates with Jake in the cockpit of a plane. Excited to see where he takes the ladies.

When we make our predictions for the final four at the beginning of the season, I propose that we also take guesses as to who will be the next bachelorette!!