Thursday, October 1, 2009


The temperature at night has gone down pretty quickly over the past couple of night - so cold that even John has been sleeping with the down comforter.

So last night I did the unthinkable and turned the heat on...mainly because Luci's hands have been so cold in the mornings. She hasn't let us swaddle her with her arms in since she was 3 weeks old and she perpetually sleeps with her arms above her head, no matter how many times we try to tuck them under the blanket while she is sleeping.

Anyway, after I turned the heat on, I could hear the fan going, but I couldn't feel anything coming through the vents. GREAT!

The problem is something called the thermo-coupler (or something like that). So we have a heating/cooling company coming to the house tomorrow. I am embarrassed to admit that we have never had our heater cleaned out since we moved in, and now seems to be the perfect time.

I can't wait to be warm in our house again!

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